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Touch Screen Apprentice

With the onslaught of new apps, so many businesses are incorporating tablets into their everyday activities. Using a touch-screen as a POS, a tool for lead generation at raffles, or simply to input data for the everyday activities, the use of these portable electronic devices is trending.

By having this unique stylus personalized, your company’s brand is highlighted every time one of these tablets is used! This stylus is the perfect accompaniment to a tablet transaction; every time someone signs his name, needs to wipe smudges from the screen, or inputs data in front of a client, your information is broadcast.
Handing these out at medical conferences, to doctors’ offices, at a tech fair, or to small businesses while networking is capitalizing on the advertising that keeps on giving.

Prop it Up

In today’s changing landscape, everyone relies heavily on the use of a mobile phone. Ergonomically while sitting at a desk, in order to use the phone, one has to hold it in his hand. This can present a problem when trying to access information while typing away at a computer.

We have a solution. One you can put your name on, literally.
This device stand is a customizable item that acts as a prop to allow better visibility on your phone or small mobile device for accessibility without the need to use both hands. Its unique cloth outer layer has the added bonus of acting as a screen wipe to keep fingerprints and smudges from affecting the user’s access.
By giving these away to your clients, you have created a piece that becomes a desktop staple. Underneath the phone that has become almost a fifth limb to your customer is a daily reminder of your product or service.

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Dear Addy,

Q: My company just acquired a booth for the home and garden show in our town. There are going to be around 150 vendors giving away different products. We have a limited budget but we are looking for something that will give us the most exposure, access to at over 1000 giveaways, and something that people will actually want to use again and again. What do you suggest?

A: At these festivals, there are definitely a lot of vendors giving away items. But where to put them? By handing out reusable grocery totes, you will be able to have hundreds of people literally carrying your company’s logo on their arms. Provide your visitors with something you can hand out and have a chance to chat with them, and will maximize exposure by creating a green alternative to grocery bags that will be used time and time again at grocery stores in the area.


Working together to finish a job can be a long and tedious process. Perhaps you’re looking for a special gift to celebrate the closing of a home, a new venture, or product launch. What better way to show your appreciation than to pop a bottle?
An etched bottle of wine is an elegant way to provide your clients with a special gift, while still keeping your brand at the forefront. Available in sparkling, reds, and whites, there is a taste for everyone. The stately bottles of wine are beautiful to look at, your logo stands out on the bottle, and the California wines themselves are a delight to the taste-buds.


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Keep it Cool

As the weather begins to warm up, getting outdoors becomes a given! Packing up for a picnic, heading out to the beach to watch the sunset, tailgating as baseball season kicks off, relaxing on a pool float, enjoying a music festival, walking around at a street fair, or simply barbequing in the backyard becomes a weekly affair.
Enjoying these moments of leisure are enhanced by sipping on a cold beverage, many times a beer. The problem with most microbrews is the glassware; bringing something breakable outdoors is forbidden at most places because of the hazard it imposes.
This unique cup is an insulated receptacle that keeps your drink cold, eliminates the glassware, and is easy to transport. By selecting this item as a giveaway, every time your clients take a moment to enjoy their beverage in their free time, they are reminded of you, and your product or service. 

The Riddler

Q: What is the center of gravity?

Be one of the first five people with the correct answer and win a prize!

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